Resolving Errors when Importing a GEDCOM from Reunion for Mac

When copying or moving your genealogy data from Reunion for Mac to another genealogy software program you’ll want to be sure not to lose any precious information. It’s very likely that you’ll have errors when you import a GEDCOM file regardless of the source and destination software. It’s not always a reflection of the quality of the genealogy software; it’s often due to the limitations of the GEDCOM standard. Either way, I’ve got a technique for finding and correcting the problems you’ll encounter.
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The Secret to Being Comfortable Using Imported Data in Reunion for Mac

One of the problems with importing data into a new family file in Reunion for Macintosh is that the customizations you’ve made to your family file aren’t present. Did you notice that or did it just feel weird, but you didn’t know why? Well, there’s a simple solution.

With Reunion you can create a copy of your family file with all the customizations that make it feel just so, but without the family records. It’s a process called cloning a family file. Once you have your cloned family file you can use it as a template to create files into which you import data, like GEDCOM files. You’ll be amazed how “right” it feels when you import a file and see it using your view and explore it using your custom chart and report layouts.
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