Views in Reunion 9: Switching Views

The family card in Reunion for Mac 9 displays a wealth of information about a family group. Part of the family card is a section called the view. It is below the names of the parents and above the children. The view section is dynamic.

You can alter, add, and remove fields from views. Altering views will be demonstrated in the second video in this series. You can select from any one of seven different views that come with Reunion or to views of your own creation. Creating your own view will be covered in the third video in this series.

In this video from the MacGenealogist Archives: Views in Genealogy Software Reunion 9 for Mac: Switching Views, I walk you through:

  • two ways to switch views
  • the seven built-in views

Please open Reunion 9 on your Mac and follow along with the video screencast. You’ll learn the basics of views in preparation for the other videos in the series: Altering Views and Creating Views.


  1. Laurie says

    Ben, I am using Reunion 9.07 and only have 5 alternate views : Default, Misc., User, General and LDS. Any helpful hints on how to get the other two???
    Thanks, I'm learning so much and appreciate this site

  2. Dwaine O'Donohue says

    When I first started doing research into my family tree, I opened folder using heading such as Births, Deaths etc. In the folder I filed the information under dates the occasion occurred on as follows: If the Birth occurred on January 11, 1940 the file name would begin with 1940 01 11. All subsequent earlier dates would appear in order after this date and, of course dates previous to this dated would also appear in order, low to high, before the January date.

  3. Dwaine O'Donohue says

    Sorry, On my last comment, I forgot to add the the sentence – Can this format on dates – 1940 01 11 be used instead of Jan 11 1940?

  4. Shirley says

    You are doing such a great service. I look forward to your, very informative, videos.'Thank you.

  5. WarrenWhite says

    Ben, you embarrass me once again ; )

    I have used Reunion 9 for quite a while and only use 2 of the views, even though they are all available to me. Could you explain how you populate the “Reside” field? I assume that you use census information (and cite the census), or personal information to populate the “Reside” field.

    Again, you are really helping us explore this great program in a very powerful way. Thanks again!

  6. says

    Laurie, I apologize. I was wrong when I said in the screencast that those two were standard. I created those views. I'll show you how in the third part of the series.

  7. says

    Thanks for the question Dwaine. Yes, the date preference in Reunion 9 can be changed to that format. I recorded a screencast last night that will show you how. See the article I published this morning titled “Date Format Secrets in Reunion 9.”

  8. says

    Warren, thank you for the feedback and the question! I'm happy to show you how to populate the “reside” field. I'll publish a video screencast on the subject on Saturday. Look for it then.

  9. Richard Lemay says

    This is a wonderful site Ben and you are doing the genealogy world a great favor. I would like to eventually publish a family history book. Do you have suggestions as to which software to use and particularly some examples of layouts.
    Thank you again for your great service.

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