Views in Reunion 9: Creating Custom Views

This is the third part in a series of screencasts on the view features and functions in the Mac genealogy database software, Reunion 9. In previous articles and videos, I covered switching views and altering views. The powerful capability to remake the view section of the family card is demonstrated in the accompanying video. I describe step-by-step, how to create views by duplication and from scratch.

Open your copy of Reunion 9 then click on this video (now in the MacGenealogist Archives): Views in Macintosh Genealogy Software Reunion 9 for Mac: Creating Custom Views. Follow along as I show you how to create two of my favorite custom views:

  • Research
  • Events and Facts

These views are sure to increase your family history research efficiency.


  1. cynthianielsen says

    I am learning a lot from your webcasts about Reunion. I would like to have some information about ways of deleting individuals, use of the Clipboard and why they still show up after I think I've deleted them.

  2. WarrenWhite says

    Ben, your screencasts are really helpful, but where were you when I began entering all of this data? I find myself having to go back and 'repair' my database to take advantage of the things you have taught me.

    I might be extra dense, but I am having problems defining a new view. Could you help?

    I have people that appear in multiple census records. If I define a view with the EVENT 'census' it only appears once (of course). Once I populate that one EVENT, how do I enter another census EVENT and have it follow in chronological order on the Family Card?

    Egads, I have a lot of work to do……


  3. says

    You can add another instance of the same event to a person's Events list by selecting it from the menu at lower left on the Edit Person window. In reports, GEDCOM exports etc all the instances of this same event will appear – see

    <a href=””>

    for example where there are 2 instances of a Census event which came from Reunion by GEDCOM file.


    Only 1 instance of an Event will appear on the actual family card view.

    If this is a big concerYou might consider creating separate events for each census – go to the Preferences ——> Fields to set up events like

    Census 1820
    Census 1830
    Census 1840

    etc etc

    Then you can put one of each relevant event onto a person's page.


  4. says

    Sure, Warren, I can help. Reunion is currently limited in displaying only the first event or fact of a given type unless you use “SmartLists.” Adding one of these will show all the events, even if they repeat. You cannot limit it to only census display events though.

  5. WarrenWhite says

    Thank you Roger. Would you suggest I duplicate the gedcom tags,
    Abbreviation, and Narrative Form data that is used for Census into
    the new Census Events?

    At first it seemed that putting all of the census records on each
    Family Card (under this new view) was a bad idea, but it gives me a
    chance to see where my research might need to include years I have
    previously missed.


  6. WarrenWhite says

    Thanks, Ben. I tried “SmartLists” first, but there are a lot of things in there I don't want to include. I have tried Roger's suggestion and so far, I like it.

    What a great forum you have created! Thanks again…


  7. says

    Yes, you could duplicate all those things – even customise them a little – so that the verb is specific to each census “Was on the 1880 Census”.

    Another angle on tracking people through the censuses would be to create flags for each census and check them off there, or check all the flags and then uncheck them as you find them, so that those flagged are the ones you still need to find.


  8. says

    Wow…. just discovered you by accident (through a google search for a Reunion question). LOVE this site. I just found THE site I’ll explore to get more out of Reunion. Thank you!

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