Views in Reunion 9: Altering Views

The view area in a Reunion 9 family card is very flexible. You can alter the contents of a view in many ways. Fields can be added or removed. Photos can be included or removed. In this screencast, I continue the series on Reunion 9 views by showing you how to alter the default view to make the photo (if added) larger and to add an “Alias/AKA” field. I find this last change very helpful because it displays an alternate name for a relative under the given and surname names.

Open your copy of Reunion 9 then click on this video from the MacGenealogist Archives, and follow along to learn how to alter views of your family history.


  1. mtalibard says

    I really enjoy your webcasts!
    One question: you generally start with one click on the main Reunion icon, and a family file opens. How do you get it to do that? When I make that click, I am asked to “Select a family file, chart file or GEDCOM file” – which has become an irritation.

  2. says

    Go to the folder where you family file is stored, and drag the icon of the family file into the Dock – to the right side of the small vertical divider bar – and then when you want to open that family file with Reunion just click the icon for the family file.


  3. says

    I use a setting in the “Startup” preference panel. There is a check box at the bottom labeled, “Automatically open the most recent family file.” Check that box and you'll be set.

    Roger's solution will work too.

  4. mtalibard says

    Thanks. What Ben is doing in his videos is to click on the main
    Reunion icon (to the left) and I can't get that to work here.

  5. mtalibard says

    Thanks, Ben. I have that check box set but Reunion ignores it – don't
    know why. Perhaps I should ask in ReunionTalk.

  6. says

    Interesting – I tried that after seeing Ben's suggestion and it made no difference for me – if I closed the file window, then quit Reunion and then re-opened Reunion from it's application icon in the Dock it still knew what the last file open had been and opened it.

    Reunion 9.07 Mac OS X 10.5.5


  7. mtalibard says

    Yes, here too. I have Reunion on 'keep in dock' and previously, I
    wasn't bothering to quit and re-open it, which was why I wasn't seeing
    the behaviour in question.


  8. Bob says

    I found your technique of adding the address icon on the toolbar to be most helpful to me. However, I find that I have to add it each time I open or close Reunion 9…it does not persist on the toolbar. Is there a trick to keeping it there permanently?

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