The Secret to Standardized Source Citation Ratings in Family Tree Maker 2012 and Mac 2

Using standardized source citation ratings in Family Tree Maker can help you make solid conclusions about facts. You’ve probably heard of original versus derivative sources, primary versus secondary information, and direct versus indirect evidence. That’s what FTM calls standardized source citation ratings. They also add a rating for clarity of the information–clear versus marginal. And both the Mac and 2012 versions support standardized ratings.

Unfortunately, the feature’s isn’t used by default. The source rating stars are there for you to set. The standard ratings are a bit hidden in the source rating window. The bonus is that by using the standard ratings, the number of stars is set automagically!

In these videos I show you how to record standardized source citation ratings for a fact through the people workspace and the sources workspace. There’s a video for Family Tree Maker 2012 and Family Tree Maker for Mac 2.

I made two even though the process is the same. I thought it would be better to show each version because the look of each is a little different. I hope it helps you to see it in your specific version. Let me know if it matters to you or not.

Family Tree Maker 2012

Family Tree Maker for Mac 2


  1. V. Thomas Wakula says

    I lie the organization by subject, however, it might be better if it were also broken by the version of Family TreeMaker.
    Maybe I’m missing something with the way you have this organized, but this is my first reaction. Thanks, Tom.

    • Ben says

      Hi, Tom. You’re not missing anything. I haven’t broken them out by version because many of the videos are useful regardless of the version. —-Ben >@<

  2. Teresa Collis says

    I am transitioning from Reunion to FTMM3 (v 22.2.4), and as a result of the way I used to manage sources in Reunion, I now have a large number of sources in FTMM3 that are basically the same. In reality, they are effectively source citations from the one source. For example, I have 6 different mentions of entries in an electoral role and in Reunion I had them as 6 different sources. They are now 6 different source groups in FTMM3, but I would like to merge them in to one source group, and create 6 source citations, each with their own media file…..I hope that makes sense :-).

    Is it possible for me to do this? How do I go about it?

    Thanks for any advice.


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