Routine Photo Management Tasks in Reunion 9

Having photos in your Mac genealogy database program helps bring your family history to life. In the first article and screencast in this series I showed you how to add and remove photos. With that knowledge and experience in place we can move on to performing some other photo management tasks, namely:

  • cropping photos to include only the part we want
  • removing discoloration
  • minimizing fading colors
  • making a photo “preferred”

Launch your copy of genealogy software Reunion 9 for Mac then follow along with this video from the MacGenealogist Archives: Routine Photo Management Tasks in Mac Genealogy Software Reunion 9. After doing so you will have the knowledge and experience to move beyond just having photos. You’ll be ready to improve the quality of your family photos.

If you have any questions about photo management or manipulation please ask. I’ll use your input to add to this series.


  1. mtalibard says

    When you have cropped or retouched a photo and saved it under the same name, you do not need to delete and re-select it for the Multimedia window. Reunion now points to the amended file. To see the changes, just get Reunion to look again by double-clicking on that thumbnail. Of course, if the new version is re-named, that's different.


    If you haven't already done so I would love to get videos on using Flags in Reunion. Also, I have just discovered DropBox for transferring Reunion files from iMac to my laptop. Could you do a video on that?
    Craig TenBroeck

  3. says

    Hi, Craig. I've got a video about flags on my future topics list. Thanks for the request.

    As for DropBox, there's a screencast at ScreenCastsOnline (…) that covers the program completely. One must be a member to see that particular one, but I think the service is great and well worth the price.

    I don't like to duplicate effort when there are so many topics uncovered.


  4. Bob says

    I’m new to genealogy and the use of Reunion 9, so you might have previously addressed this for another “newby.” Where do you file your images that you have linked in the multimedia section? That is, do you copy those images from some other folder or application, like iPhoto, into a specific folder used only for Renunion multimedia access? I am experiencing problems with broken links, because I probably have changed file/folder names or the like over time.

  5. says

    Hi, Bob.

    I store photos using the MacGenealogist recommended file structure. Then add them to Reunion from there.

    Have you tried letting Reunion discover the new locations for the moved files? I did a screencast on that of I remember correctly.


  6. says

    Thanks for your reply. It appears you do not use iPhoto at all in your Reunion multimedia links, is that right? I take your answer to mean that, instead, you place all your multimedia files within your MacGenealogist file structure, such as a photo in a *.jpeg format, within a specific SURNAME folder, is that right?

    • says

      Actually I do use iPhoto. I keep a separate copy of each image outside iPhoto, using the MacGenealogist recommended file system. This copy is the one I link to genealogy applications.

  7. Wendy Johnson says

    Hi Ben, I inadvertently !!! put my iPhoto library in the Trash but realised and have dragged it back – onto the desktop at the moment. I was doing some housekeeping from the Pictures folder. I have broken the link between photos and the multimedia files in Reunion. I am not sure where they were previously and wonder how I can work that out to re-establish the link.
    PS I have tried dropping them into the Pictures folder without success

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