Recording Source Detail in Reunion for Mac

Adding sources is important and tedious. Genealogy database software Reunion for Mac prevents some of the tedium by allowing you to associate individual sources with multiple events and facts. To do this you’ll want to make sure the data you enter for the source is not specific to an individual. The information that is specific to the individual goes in a different place, called source detail. In this video I show you how to record different source details for census, birth, and marriage events that use the same source.

You may want to view the video Copying Events in Reunion for Mac if you don’t already know how to copy and paste events.


  1. Karen Grossman says


    I really appreciate your video tutorials. I just watched the Recording Source Detail in Reunion 9. I went to my Reunion 9 and looked at the source type Census and it did not match the fields in your video nor did I find all of the fields in the available fields listed. I have just been looking at the manual information for Reunion 9 and finding out how all of this works. I might suggest a video on how to make changes in a Source Type, or a New Source Type and how to add fields. As I am learning about citing sources, I want to be able to use Reunion to it’s fullest.

  2. says

    Hi, Karen. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll add them to my list and prioritize them. Do you have the Census Image source type? If not, that’s one I created.


  3. Karen Grossman says

    I am working on it, since I taking a class on documenting sources, and a number of my census records come from, I am setting up my own Census Record Type. I have added the source type and several fields. Since I have a number of them to do, I hope to get it down, so only minor changes have to be made.

    Thanks for your help.

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