Marking Only One Branch of Your Family Tree Using Reunion for Mac

Sometimes during your genealogy research you want to create reports, charts, lists, or GEDCOM exports that include only a specific branch of your family. Reunion for Mac has a feature called mark groups that enables you to selectively mark people in your family file.

In this video I’ll walk you, step-by-step, through using this feature to mark ancestors of a specific person.

Do you have any tricks or favorite uses of marking groups? If so, please share by leaving a comment on this post.


  1. Betty Pickett says

    That’s what I needed and I will try it tomorrow and appreciate your quick reply and helping me out. I thought the last step might be to go to the index and note the family members that were now marked. Thanks again.

  2. Shirley Weidner says

    Got a question: When control-clicking I do not get a pull down window with download etc in it – only save this link. I am logged in. What am I doing wrong?

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