Mailing Addresses in Reunion 9 for Mac

Reunion 9 for Mac can store contact information for people in your family files. Mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and web addresses can be stored for individuals and families. Contact lists can be generated and the information can be included in reports such as a family group sheet. You can even copy the information into and out of Reunion for use in other software.

I demonstrate all this and more in this video from the MacGenealogist Archives, Storing and Using Mailing Addresses in the Reunion for Macintosh Genealogy Software.


  1. Sheila says

    In order to take advantage of all of your great hints and ideas, I am going to need a 40 hour week just to do these things. I have recommended your site to three people who are just starting genealogy. It will be easier for them to do the “correct” method of entering and filing since they do it correctly from the start.
    Thanks for your great ideas,

  2. mycroft says

    Hi Ben, Found this interesting. In all the years I have used Reunion, I have never explored the “address” functions as so few of the people in my file are living and I have circulated materials only to those who know me closely. But I do have a question. Is this the function I should use to put my own address on materials that I create — such as reports, charts etc., such as a “Prepared by” name and address legend? Should I populate this address function with myself for this purpose?

  3. says

    Great question and something for me to add to my future topics list.

    The place to populate with your address, for inclusion on reports, is the Return Address field of the Reports Preferences (Reunion -> Preferences -> Reports). Select the Return Address field then populate the text box to the left with your address and a “Prepared by” message if you like. Make sure the Include box is checked. Run a register report or some other and check the bottom of the last page. You should find your message and address there.

  4. says

    Sorry about the extra work Sheila! Look at it this way: now you're not adding to the problem(s) anymore.

    Thank you for the referrals! I deeply appreciate them.

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