How to Track Residences in Reunion 9

In a recent screencast about switching views, MacGenealogist Warren noticed that I had some residence data displaying in a field called “Reside.” He asked in a comment (I love that) if I would explain how to populate that field. Rather than explain, I recorded this video (now part of the MacGenealogist Archives): How to Track Residences in Macintosh Genealogy Software Reunion 9 for Mac, to show Warren and you how to track residences in your family history data.

Please pull out a source document that places a relative at a certain location at a specific date, open Reunion 9, and follow along.


  1. cynthianielsen says

    I love your screencasts!
    On this one, the sound cuts out about 1/2 way through. I think I could still figure out what was going on.
    Thanks for all your efforts!

  2. WarrenWhite says

    Well done, Ben! Am I correct in assuming you add a separate “Reside” event for each known residence? I am sure not the only person who has lived at the same address for a bit over 40 years.

    (Now I have to go back annd add this interesting item to my entire database…. ; ( )

    Again, you have done a real service to all of us MacGenealogists.


  3. Kristen Booher says

    Your screencasts are invaluable! Hands-on learning helps procedures sink in! Many thanks to you. What if I want to make the “Residence” (or create a custom event) a default for every person in the database? Doesn't the “Add Event” add only for the individual in whose profile you add it? I would like to customize the view and make it a default, but there seem to be several options.

    I'm new to MacGenealogist, so pardon if you have already addressed this issue.

  4. says

    To make a field default for everybody in the database you go to the Reunion menu ——> Preferences ——> Fields and then in the Person part of that, find Residence in the list on the left, and then click the button on the right that will say “Add Residence” and it will then be in the column on the right for Default Fields. Drag it into the order in which you want it to appear – before death presumably – and then close the Preferences window to save the changes.



  5. says

    That's right Warren. I add a residence event for each source I encounter that specifies a residence, except for a census, which is implied.

  6. says

    Not wanting to stifle free speech and all that, but there's a pretty excellent Reunion forum already in place at and there's a user forum on the iFamily site. Each has participation from the support staff of the product concerned.

    Dick Eastman has just set up an all encompassing genealogy forum that has a Macintosh genealogy software forum that has had little activity since 9 October when it was set up – 1 thread of 5 posts so far.

    I think we're in danger of their just being too many places to look for help about things – my list of Tabs that open when I click the button for “Gen Boards” just seems to keep getting longer and longer as more resources are created – so many sites and boards, so little time <g>

    These threads about your screencasts seem to work OK I think.


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