How to See More Information About Children and Parents in Reunion 9

The family card in Reunion 9 can display children and parents as buttons or lists. The list mode displays more information about parents and children. The fields displayed can also be configured. For example, the birth and death places can be added to the view.

This video from the MacGenealogist Archives demonstrates the child and parent list mode and will walk you step-by-step through the preferences.


  1. Laurie says

    Holy smokes! I’ve been using Reunion since it began and I never knew about this … thanks so much. Your tutorials are so clear and easy to digest. Great service to us all.

  2. Betty Jane Hylton says

    Please do a webcast on Timelines in Reunion.

    Thank you, I enjoy your site.

    Betty Jane

  3. says

    Laurie, thank you for the affirming feedback. It’s wonderful to know that the hours I spend on each day are helping and appreciated.

  4. Serge says

    Thanks for the precises informations. I have been using Reunion for many years and i was not aware of thoses tips that you show us.

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