How to Open Reunion 10 Reports in Pages

I noticed in the ReunionTalk Forum today that there’s been some discussion about this subject and thought I’d publish a video to clear things up.

If you’ve got the new Pages app on your Mac and tried to open a Reunion 10 report with it you’ve seen an error like this:

Pages Error Opening Reunion 10 Report

This happens because Apple didn’t include support for opening rich text format (RTF) files in the new version of Pages and Reunion creates RTF files.

There are a couple ways to work around this problem. First, you could set your Word Processor in Reunion 10 to Text Edit, then copy and paste reports from Text Edit to an new Pages document. That’s a lot of steps though.

The second option is to use the previous version of Pages (from iWork ’09). Fortunately Apple now includes it with the new pages installs and updates so you probably already have it. for Pages 5 upgraders. If you acquired Pages 5 without upgrading see my comment below this article to learn how to get Reunion 10 reports into a Pages 5 document.

Follow along with this video to see how to find the previous version of Pages on your Mac, how to open Reunion 10 reports in this version of Pages, and how to get your reports into the new version of Pages if desired.


  1. Jack Dolby says

    Ben, looks like this may only work if you previously had iWorks 09 installed. I have a new, late 2013, iMac that came with the “current” Pages, et al. It automatically updates from the app store. Updates are current as of this morning.

    Neither a Spotlight search, a search using a third party search tool, or just a visual inspection, reveals either Pages 09 or an iWorks folder.

    • Ben Sayer says

      Hi Jack. That’s correct. Only owners of iWorks ’09 and those who upgraded to Pages 5 will find the previous version.

      People with Pages 5 who didn’t upgrade can still get Reunion reports into a Pages document. Choose Text Edit when selecting the word processor in Reunion report preferences then after opening the report in Text Edit, copy and paste the text into a new Pages document. It works the same way as I demonstrated doing at the end of the video when going from iWork ’09 Pages to Pages 5.

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