How To Clean Up "Unlinked People" in Reunion 9

Over time, no matter how careful you have been, you’ll end up with relatives in your genealogy database that are not connected to any other person. This is called an unlinked person in Reunion 9. You ought to periodically check for this situation. Fortunately, the software provides a way to identify them and then deal with them. Unfortunately, it isn’t as intuitive as it could be.

It’s a matter of:

  1. unmarking everyone in the family file by selecting Change | Mark | Unmark Everybody from the menu
  2. using Find|Presets|Unlinked People on the menu to get a list of them
  3. reviewing the list and marking the people that should be deleted
  4. deleting them by selecting Change | Delete | Marked People on the menu
  5. fixing the ones that should be fixed

This video from the MacGenealogist Archives will take you through all the steps. Play it side-by-side with Reunion and follow along. You may want to back up your family file first. Let us know how many you found by leaving a comment.


  1. Donde says

    At bit late but you asked how many unlinked people: 15! out of 3239 persons. Thanks once again, Ben.

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