How To Clean Up Unconnected People in iFamily for Leopard

Over time, no matter how careful you have been, you’ll end up with relatives in your genealogy database that are not connected to any other person. These are called unconnected people in iFamily for Leopard. Fortunately, the software provides a way to identify them and then deal with them. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as it could be. I’d like to see People without Connections added to the People menu.

It’s a matter of:

  1. selecting Reports|Data Inconsistency Report… from the menu
  2. unchecking all the boxes except Unconnected People
  3. clicking the Generate button
  4. selecting from the drop-down menu an application into which the resulting list will be loaded, TextEdit will do
  5. clicking the Print button
  6. clicking the Include BDM button
  7. switching back to the iFamily for Leopard application, leaving the list open in TextEdit
  8. investigating the people in the unconnected people list, switching back and forth as necessary
  9. deleting or connecting the people as appropriate

This video from the MacGenealogist Archives will take you through all the steps. Play it side-by-side with iFamily for Leopard and follow along. You may want to back up your database first (File | Backup Current Database from the menu). Let me know how many unconnected people you found by leaving a comment below.


  1. keithswilson says

    Hi Ben

    It is easier to find the unconnected people if you select Unconnected People in the drop-down menu in the Toolbar Search field. Then select each person, make sure that you want to delete him/her and then press the Delete key.

    You can also use Prune Minor Dynasties to remove whole branches of people from the database, including all the unconnected people.

    Keith Wilson

  2. says

    Hi Keith, thank you for pointing that out. Who knew that menu was tucked in there? Now we all do.
    It’s a quick, simple solution—well done! I’ll record a new version of the screencast this week.


  3. keithswilson says

    Hi Ben

    In V2.430 I have enhanced “Prune Minor Dynasties” to allow the user to selectively prune people in minor dynasties rather than the current option which is to prune them all. The “Prune Minor Dynasties” already displays what it knows about a person on the RH side of the dialog so this eliminates the need to return to the main screen to check if valuable data needs to be merged into a person who will be retained.

    An “unconnected person” is, of course, a minor dynasty containing one person.


  4. says

    Hi Keith.

    That sounds like an excellent enhancement. As you’ve gathered, having all the known information readily available will aid in deciding what to do with an unconnected person.

    I look forward to seeing it in action.


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