Family Tree Maker for Mac Upgrade Release Date

Tana Pedersen mentioned the release date of the Family Tree Maker for Mac upgrade in an blog post about the arrival of Family Tree Maker 2012. She wrote:

For those of you interested in Family Tree Maker for Mac, a new version with TreeSync capability is slated to be released by the end of 2011.

Note that it’s not being called Family Tree Maker 2012 for Mac. This isn’t surprising given the Pc/Mac feature inequality news from Duff Wilson, the Family Tree Maker Product Manager.

In response to a comment on the same post Tana wrote:

Family Tree Maker for Mac with TreeSync is currently in testing and is slated to be released before the end of the year. If you purchased Family Tree Maker for Mac last year and registered your product, you should get an email with an upgrade discount so keep checking your inbox.

This release date contradicts timing information I had from the ancestor Affiliate Manager. I think Tana’s information is more likely to be correct.

Take your time, Ancestry; I want it to be right not rushed.


  1. David Ransom says

    I would like to know if the Mac upgrade is going to work with “Snow Leopard” or “Lion”. I hope they are sticking with (the older) Snow Leopard because I don’t want to upgrade to Lion (yet).

    • says

      Hi, David. I just sent an email to the FTM program manager asking what Mac OS X versions will be supported by Family Tree Maker for Mac 2. I’ll comment here when I get a reply. —-Ben >@<

  2. David says

    Hi Ben, thanks for that. My main reason for not upgrading to Lion is that I would also have to upgrade my Adobe software . . . and that would cost a small fortune!

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