Family Tree Maker 2014 Buyer’s Guide

What to Know Before You Buy

What Family Tree Maker 2014 Will Do That Family Tree Maker 2012 Won’t?

  • Let you interact with your family tree in the new "Family View," a sort of vertical pedigree that includes collateral relatives
  • Synchronize more family tree data with Ancestry member trees
  • Give you access to a list of your trees in all workspaces
  • Utilize more memory for data intensize tasks on 64-bit systems with more than 4GB of memory.
  • Simplified export of branches
  • Automatically sort children by birth date if desired
  • Display PDF files in the media viewer and create icons depicting the first page of the PDF
  • Magnify part of a media file under the cursor in media detail view
  • Generate list of people with more options of what data to include (ID, anniversaries, birthdays, and contact information)
  • Give you the option to include "extended family" in some reports
  • Preserve fact descriptions when merging facts
  • Indicate when a source template has been used and which one
  • Display media notes in the media detail dialog

Why Not Stay with Family Tree Maker 2012?

Improvements and bug fixes are made to the current version only. Updating to the current version is especially important if you’re synchronizing with data with

Will It Mess up My family tree files?

Not if you ask it to convert a copy of your file. When you open your old FTM file in the new version it will detect that it’s from a previous version and offer to convert it or make a copy and convert that. Family Tree Maker 2014 wont mess up your older family tree files unless you give them the exact same name.

Can I Keep Family Tree Maker 2012 on My PC?

Family Tree Maker 2012 and 2014 can co-exist on the same computer without issue.

Top Things Family Tree Maker 2014 Won’t Do for You

  1. Integrate with FamilySearch
  2. Use the genealogical information and evidence categories in the Genealogical Proof Standard

What Does It Cost?

If you’re buying new it will cost you $39.99 USD.

An upgrade currently costs $27.99 USD.

To Buy or Not to Buy

The new version offers incremental improvement and bug fixes so it’s a definite "must buy" for FTM 2012 owners.

Family Tree Maker 2014 Discount Coupon Codes

I keep an eye out for promotional coupon codes that apply to FTM. There are currently no discount coupon codes. If you see one contact me.

Where to Buy Family Tree Maker 2014

You can click here to learn more and buy Family Tree Maker. Be sure to click the link for "Upgrade info" to get the best price if you’re upgrading.

What to Know After You Buy

How to Get the Most Out of Family Tree Maker 2014

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How to Upgrade without Messing up Your family tree files

Family Tree Maker 2014 installs just like other PC software. Follow the directions that come with the package.

Family Tree Maker will offer to convert a file from a previous version and ask you what to name it. Give your converted family file a new name.

Be sure to select the option "Retain this file as it is and convert a copy." This will cause FTM to make a copy of the file then convert the copy leaving your original alone.

When to Delete Family Tree Maker 2012

Delete Family Tree Maker 2012 after you’ve backed everything up and it no longer works with your version of Windows; that could be a while, or not.


  1. marcia houghtaling says

    I have Family Tree Maker Version 11 Broderbund Deluxe and I got a new computer. I have my family tree on a cd but when I got the new computer they cleaned the old computer files before I could upgrade. Is there any way that I can again work on my family tree with an upgrade? Am I out of luck with all the work I have done. Thank you for any info you can give to me.
    Marcia Houghtaling

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