Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 to Sync With

Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 will include the ability to synchronize your tree with (a function called TreeSync). This news is according to the Program Manager for Family Tree Maker (FTM). He had more to say in answer to my question about the PC and Mac feature inequality:

We are very committed to the Macintosh platform and as you know, released an initial version based on FTM 2010 last year.

I can say that the new Mac release will include the following:

1. TreeSync–The ability to synchronize a tree in Family Tree Maker with one at
2. Performance and stability improvements
3. Other features:
   – Key features from the PC version of Family Tree Maker (TBD)
   – Macintosh-specific features related to the Mac OS that are not in the PC version

We will continue to evaluate features from the PC product to be included in future versions of the Mac product and we will continue to look at opportunities to leverage Mac-specific features and capabilities that are not in the PC version.

At this point we don’t know what other PC functions will be added in FTM for Mac 2. We have confirmation that the most important new feature, TreeSync, is included. That’s great news!

It’s also good news that there will be Mac specific features. This will help Family Tree Maker feel more like a Mac application1. I’m looking forward to the first beta release!2

I’m disappointed that there isn’t yet feature parity. And I’m going to continue to be patient because I see the long-term benefit of a complete version of Family Tree Maker on both PC and Mac. That’s the reason I’m supporting FTM; I’m more interested in a brighter future for genealogy on the Mac than ensuring that my admittedly subjective sense of fairness and desire for immediate gratification are appeased. How about you?

1. It already looks and feels more like a Mac application than Reunion for Mac.
2. I regret that I won’t be able to immediately tell you what’s in or out based on my beta program participation, but I’ll know. I’ll also know what’s out in this release.


  1. Patricia Shannon says

    I, for one, am so glad that you are out there, Ben, rattling the cages. From hereon I am going to reduce my cynicism, keep fingers crossed, and an open mind for this upgraded version of FTM for Mac. We need a dedicated to Mac FTM program – and if I read correctly, they are working towards that goal. Thanks for the ongoing information and your efforts to see the needed features we Mac lovers want in our genealogy software!

  2. says

    It appears from an e-mail today that they are calling it FTM for Mac 2, not 2012, probably because it is not the same as FTM 2012 for Windows. Does the Beta refer to it as FTM for Mac 2012?

  3. Linda Manson says

    Does anyone know if there is an “updgrade” from FTM10 for PC to FTM for Mac? That $69 price seem high to me when the PC is under $40 and does more.

    • says

      Hi, Linda. The pre-sale of Family Tree Maker for Mac (2?) has not begun. We don’t know what the upgrade policy and price will be yet.

      Having written that, I’ll note that the order page for the first and current version of Family Tree Maker for Mac has a link to click if you own another version of FTM–that could only mean for PC. Clicking through to the linked page offers an upgrade for $48.97–reduced from $69.95.

      This may not be the case for Family Tree Maker for Mac 2.

      —-Ben >@<

  4. Jon Edwards says

    My guess is that it is Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 because it is more like a new version and less like an upgrade. Since Nova Development is selling FTM for Mac in the Mac App Store, they’ll have to justify new versions versus mere upgrades.

  5. Linda Sayers says

    I am pleased to read that Mac is bringing out Family Tree Maker 2012. Ben Sayer- looking at your video’s on the new version Mac 2012 it will be great to use. As I had a PC / FTM 2011, then I got a Apple iMac and could only get FTM 2010, so it was a step back on the functions it offered. Looking forward to the new version 2012.
    Do you know when this version Mac 2012 is out for Australia & New Zealand?
    cheers Linda
    sawyer-sayer-sayers my tree

  6. Joy says

    Do you know if the Mac 2 version will have the smart stories as a feature? I have heard it is not in the current mac version.

    • says

      Hi, Joy. My beta test copy of Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 does not include the Smart Stories feature. —-Ben >@<

      • Joy says

        awwh, thanks for the information. That’s the part of the program I was hoping for. Keep up the good work.

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