1. Howard W. Barnes says

    I am interested in purchasing Reunion, but I have several questions.. Your literature indicates that the software is limited to 50 families. What does this mean.? Six complete generations would include 63 persons representing different families. This would be quite limiting.

    I was not able to tell by the trial version whether LDS ordinance information can be included.

    Finally, I would like to be assured that data from my Ancestral Quest files can be transferred. I have far more than fifty separate families.

    Thanks for your help.

    • says

      Hi, Howard.

      The 50 family limit is for the trial version, not the retail version.

      I think the best way to see what will transfer and how is to try before you buy. In your case you won’t be able to transfer all your data into the trial version, but you will be able to do most of it. The approach is to export a subset of the families you have in Ancestral Quest out to a GEDCOM file, then import that into Reunion. Finally have a look at what data gets transfered and where. If anything looks amis ask about it on the Reunion Talk forum or otherwise contact Leister Pro for help.

      Any LDS ordinance data that is supported in the GEDCOM standard will be transferred into Reunion. Again, try it to see what you will get.

      Let us know how it goes.


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