Citing a Marriage Event in Reunion for Mac

The marriage event is different from the events for individuals and even “generic” event for the couple in the Macintosh genealogy software, Reunion. Even though it is accessed and stored differently, it’s just as important to cite sources of your event information. Like other sources in Reunion, marriage event sources can include multimedia. This makes it easy to include images of source records when you have them.

Adding a Marriage Event Citation in Reunion for Mac, I show you how to add a citation to a marriage event. I include adding an image of the source record. This part trips some people up because they (quite reasonably) expect it to be connected with the multimedia window, but it isn’t; multimedia for sources is separate.


  1. says

    Hello Ben,

    I subscribed to your email list today, for I am not only new to using Reunion 9 as my family tree program, I’m also a new Mac user. (double whammy) So I was very tickled to learn of your website and have spent all day reviewing most of your past Screencasts concerning Reunion & in the process learned more about Mac. My one problem is to stop thinking PC, things are so much easier on the Mac.

    What prompted me to write a comment is I just received my first message from you and it was exactly what I was needing at this moment. “Adding a Marriage Event Citation in Reunion for Mac”, plus the video included attaching an image of the document. Which I presume will be the same method for the other citation areas.

    I know I have a lot of restructuring ahead of me, with my first step being to setup the preferred file folders. It will be time consuming, but as I continue with your video’s I can see how much easier things can be. Then I will have a load of cleanup to do before I can continue with my research & documenting. Not sure at this moment how I will get my existing files to conform to your file folders without messing things up, but I will figure out something.

    I love the way you teach and instruct. You have a very calming way of getting your message across in your video’s, which promotes encouragement and I thank you for that.


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      Hi, Linda.

      Thanks for the feedback. It helps inform my choices for what topics to cover, what I should keep doing, and what I should stop.

      You’re right that the process for adding multimedia to other citations is the same. The only difference is that they are entered through a different place (the Edit Person window).


  2. Beth McBride says

    Excellent. This video was very helpful. I have SHANNONs in Ottawa Co, MI 1856-1900.

  3. Kathy Westlake says

    Hi Ben
    I have used Legacy for years, and I also subscribe to the deluxe ancestry. Recently I purchased a MAC- and parallels software so I could run legacy. After reading the reviews on Reunion and looking at your help videos, I believe I am going to download Reunion.
    Have you run into any problem with .ged from legacy not importing to Reunion?

    Looking forward to more of your tips,


    • says

      Hi, Kathy.

      I haven’t personally imported LFT data into Reunion and haven’t heard of any problems. As you’re no doubt aware, GEDCOM implementations vary, so there are small incompatibilities and non-standard data can appear in strange places.

      I suggest searching the Reunion forums at for other users’ experience importing Legacy data.


  4. Per Thege says

    Hi and thanks for great videos. How do I for example get the multimedia image you showed in the above video “Adding a Marriage Event Citation in Reunion for Mac”, into a Reunion report. Does it have to be an image file? Or can it be an PDF as well.

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