Adding Coordinates to Multiple Events in MacFamilyTree

Genealogists using the software MacFamilyTree have the ability to add geographic coordinates, expressed as latitude and longitude, for places in their family database. This is a process known as geocoding. The information can be added on an place-by-place basis by entering it in the edit place windows. If you have many places that are not geocoded it can be a pain to locate and add them individually. Fortunately, Synium included a feature that locates place records that are not geocoded and presents them in a list, where you can geocode them one after another.

In this video, Mass Geocoding in Macintosh genealogy software MacFamilyTree, I show you how to use the “Find Missing Coordinates for Events” feature.


  1. Sue McCormick says

    A fascinating technique. I’ll join others on ReunionTalk to urge that Reunion give us a way to Geocode in a future Program.

    All your screencasts are helpful to me, even when as now, you are discussing one of the other programs.


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