A Tribute to Keith Wilson

The Mac genealogy community has suffered a significant loss. Keith Wilson, the creator of iFamily for Leopard (and Tiger before that), passed away unexpectedly on November 2nd. I’ve called him a maverick and meant it with great respect. His ingenious contributions will be missed.

When considering an appropriate tribute to Keith my first thought was to start a Wikipedia page about him. I quickly realized that wouldn’t be best because, although I had only three months to work with Keith, in that time I came to know him as a very private man. He was also understandably proud of his creation. So I thought, “What better way to honor his creative work than for his community to collaborate on a Wikipedia entry on iFamily for Leopard?”

Leave a comment here if you have any ideas on the matter and or would like to participate.


  1. Karen Glass says

    I think an appropriate tribute to Keith would be in order. I don't know what I can contribute except my thanks to him for a job well done.

    Keith will be missed. Thank you for communicating this news with us. Please keep us updated on further information you have.

  2. doug says

    Is there an obituary somewhere? His web site doesn't seem to have any information

    And yes, we should make some kind of appropriate tribute.

  3. says

    There is a private section on his forum for his registered users, I thought that more appropriate.

    I will construct the wikipedia entry.

    Warwick Wilson. (Son of Keith)

  4. Joan says

    I want to thank you for letting us know. I, too, looked at iFamily's website, and after I signed into his forum, I could read the flood of mail sending tributes. Keith's program is original, solid, beautiful and creative among a group of look-a-likes for both Mac and Windows genealogy programs. Keith will be missed, but I am glad to know that Warwick, Keith's son, will be carrying on iFamily amid his busy life. Keith and his family are in our hearts.

  5. Beejay says

    I eventually found the forum and would like to say like many others that his death is a very sad loss indeed.

    I am glad for Keith's sake that his son will carry on and for mine because I would not like to lose a programme which I enjoy using. It has been so good to have a programme which is responsive to users.

    Hopefully Warwick will be able to take it even further in the future.

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