1. Roger Moffat says

    Gee Ancestry – thanks for making it so much more expensive than the Windoze version!!!!

    $70 full price for the Macintosh version compared to $40 for the Windoze version.

    No Cheers


  2. Roger Moffat says

    OK – I’ve just found in my eMails one from Ancestry offering me 40% off since I’m already a registered Family Tree Maker user, so $41.97 instead of $69.95 – better, but still with a 40% discount more expensive than the Windoze version.

    Still No Real Cheers


  3. Roger Moffat says

    You can use Coupon Code G5JXTRY to get another 20% off the price, dropping it to about $44 if you use the 20% pre-order price. It also worked on top of my 40% existing customer discount to get it down to $33.



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