Want to Carry Your Family Tree in Your Pocket?

Now you can carry your genealogy data with you. With MobileFamilyTree, the new iPhone (and iPod touch) application just released by Synium, all your records are stored on your iPhone. You can edit them there and synchronize additions and changes back to your Mac. Although, not all of the MacFamilyTree fields are editable and one cannot create a new family database on the iPhone. It will handle multiple databases, displays person and family views, and has some display customization options. And the person context view is just plain sexy! Yes, touching a person in this view will bring up the card for that person. There is some bad news though.

Source citations are not displayed on MobileFamilyTree, nor can one add them there. Adding those details will have to be done back on the Mac. This limitation could significantly impact usage during remote research projects. Printed reports will still be necessary for such trips.

All in all, this $4.99 add-on to MacFamilyTree is an impressive leap forward for mobile, computer-based family history and genealogy. I’ve only touched on the application here. I’ll include more details in my upcoming review of MacFamilyTree, part of the comparison of Mac genealogy software series on which I’m working. In the meantime, if you try out this application, let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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