Video Walkthrough of MacFamilyTree Version 5.3.5 Update

Synium Software recently updated MacFamilyTree to version 5.3.5. This version contains a feature that should have been there from the start: the ability to apply changes of case to all the names in the database. The “what’s new” states that the update includes the following:

  • Database Maintenance improved: Names can be now reformatted into different styles
  • Virtual Tree con be saved as a high resolution PNG now
  • The user interface can now be configured to show Partner 1/Partner 2 instead of Husband/Wife
  • Improved automatic date range calculation for the Timeline pane
  • Improved Statistics pane
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

It may be worth noting that the term for the partner in the new preference wasn’t “Husband” and “Wife” in the previous version (5.3.3). It was “Man” and “Woman.”

I also found, while recording the walkthrough screencast, that three new charts were added to the statistics pane:

  • Age of Marriage
  • Age of Divorce
  • Age of Parents at Child Birth

This video, Video Walkthrough of Mac Genealogy Software MacFamilyTree Version 5.3.5 Update, will walk you through each of the identified changes that can be demonstrated. If you spot one or more of the “other minor fixes and improvements” please leave a comment on this post.

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