Trouble-Free FTM TreeSync Secrets Revealed

Have you been on the Family Tree Maker software message board on Ancestry recently? If so, you’ve see all the posts about sync problems like I have. You’ll also have seen long-time FTM user, FTM guru Russ Worthington on there helping people with great advice and clear answers. Well, I’ve been wanting to help out on this matter too so I asked Russ if I could record an interview with him about TreeSync and share it with you, and he enthusiastically agreed. So we talked in preparation and he told me something the blew my mind!

Russ told me he’s been using TreeSync since Family Tree Maker 2012 came out and he’s never had a single problem synchronizing his FTM 2012 trees with his Ancestry member trees! He told me his method applies to the Mac version too. Better yet, he shared the secrets to his success!

You know what else Russ did? He made slides complete with screenshots! Here’s what they cover:

  1. What TreeSync is
  2. What it can reliably do
  3. What it won’t do
  4. His method for keeping an FTM file linked with an AMT
  5. Problems people are having with it and why
  6. His tips for trouble-free synching

I recorded the Skype video call with Russ as he presented his slides and recorded it for you. If you’re using or even considering using TreeSync to link and automatically synchronize Family Tree Maker 2012 (FTM 2012) or Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 (FTMM2) with an Ancestry member tree (AMT) you need to see this presentation.

P.S. During the presentation Russ refers to an overview video I published earlier. Click this link to see that if you missed it: FTM 2012 overview video.

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