Tree View in Reunion 10

The tree view in Mac genealogy software Reunion 10 replaces the overview window from previous versions. The purpose remains the same. It’s a graphical way to navigate your family tree. It looks sharp and feels natural!

After you follow along with the accompanying video, you’ll be able to:
  • Switch between pedigree and hourglass modes
  • Scroll the tree view
  • Select the person or couple in the starting box any of six ways
  • Return to the family view
  • Switch to the tree view using the navbar and keyboard shortcuts
  • Zoom in and out
  • Share a high-resolution image of the tree view via email, print, or copy and paste
  • Change the number of generations displayed in pedigree and hourglass modes
  • Toggle display of pictures, places, and relationships in the view
  • Hide and display the sidebar

By the way, I goofed in the video when I remarked that Reunion can’t create hourglass charts. It can and has been able to since Reunion 9.[1] I didn’t know that when I recorded the video. It just goes to show that there are capabilities, sometimes buried, that we are missing out on.


[1] I think the hourglass in the tree view more attractive than the chart.


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