Tree View in Reunion 10

The tree view in Mac genealogy software Reunion 10 replaces the overview window from previous versions. The purpose remains the same. It’s a graphical way to navigate your family tree. It looks sharp and feels natural!

After you follow along with the accompanying video, you’ll be able to:
  • Switch between pedigree and hourglass modes
  • Scroll the tree view
  • Select the person or couple in the starting box any of six ways
  • Return to the family view
  • Switch to the tree view using the navbar and keyboard shortcuts
  • Zoom in and out
  • Share a high-resolution image of the tree view via email, print, or copy and paste
  • Change the number of generations displayed in pedigree and hourglass modes
  • Toggle display of pictures, places, and relationships in the view
  • Hide and display the sidebar

By the way, I goofed in the video when I remarked that Reunion can’t create hourglass charts. It can and has been able to since Reunion 9.[1] I didn’t know that when I recorded the video. It just goes to show that there are capabilities, sometimes buried, that we are missing out on.

GenealogyTools Members, download this video to your computer for your private use.


[1] I think the hourglass in the tree view more attractive than the chart.


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