The Secret to Entering Census Events in Reunion 9 for Mac

Entering census events into Reunion 9 for Mac can be time consuming and error prone if you don’t use the copy and paste feature.

Census events often apply to multiple people in our genealogy databases. Fortunately, events and their associated source citations can be copied an pasted to other records within Reunion. This method of populating event data can be more efficient and result in fewer mistakes when used for event records that apply to more than one person, like censuses.

In this video, Copying Events in Macintosh Genealogy Software Reunion 9 for Mac, I show you, click-by-click, how to use this time saving and error preventing feature.


  1. Laurie says

    Oh, my goodness how wonderful is this? Now, here I go sharing my lack of knowledge but I did not know anything about putting a census image in multi-media. Have you covered that somewhere? Once again, so appreciative of all I’ve learned from you in the last months.

  2. says

    A Gotcha and a Hint…

    The Gotcha is that in order to be able to copy an event AND its associated sources, you have to have first saved the Person Card after entering the event details and attaching source(s) to it. If you copy the event before the first save of it the Sources won’t be included.

    And if you highlight the line that is BEFORE where you want to paste the event in, the pasted event will appear after the highlighted line and so you won’t need to drag it into place afterwards.



  3. Louise L. Kingston says

    Great idea.
    I’ve long wondered the best way to file census data.
    I’m trying to follow your instructions, but am realizing I, and perhaps others, first need a video on how you downloaded and linked the census to an event your g grandfather’s file in the first place.
    I’ve downloaded, saved as jpg, and copied the 1930 census into my mother in law’s multimedia file. I marked it “treat as document” and entered the source citation. But it doesn’t open the yours did when I click on the source citation. Some link isn’t correctly made.
    Can you point me to what I’m doing wrong?

      • says

        You said above that you answered the question about how you downloaded and linked a census record to an event in your grandfathers file and you said you had answered this in the most recent article and screencast, but I’m new to this and I haven’t a clue where to find this
        since this was in 2009 and it’s now 2013. Help!

  4. Bill Birchall says

    Hi Ben,

    I love your video tutorials, they are so clear and precise and professionally made.

    A couple of issues that I have, is that you still have to separately include occupations from a census, and that can be a little messy. Secondly, I always use a flag to indicate that I have completed a census record for an individual. Do you know if there is any way that I could get the flag inserted automatically? Once again, having to do that as a separate exercise is open to error.


  5. Jeri says

    Thank you so much for this tip and all the others here on your site. You are saving me loads of time and making me look like a real pro when it comes to entering my data and sorting through my files. Thanks again.

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