Routine Photo Management Tasks in Reunion 9

Having photos in your Mac genealogy database program helps bring your family history to life. In the first article and screencast in this series I showed you how to add and remove photos. With that knowledge and experience in place we can move on to performing some other photo management tasks, namely:

  • cropping photos to include only the part we want
  • removing discoloration
  • minimizing fading colors
  • making a photo “preferred”

Launch your copy of genealogy software Reunion 9 for Mac then follow along with this video from the MacGenealogist Archives: Routine Photo Management Tasks in Mac Genealogy Software Reunion 9. After doing so you will have the knowledge and experience to move beyond just having photos. You’ll be ready to improve the quality of your family photos.

If you have any questions about photo management or manipulation please ask. I’ll use your input to add to this series.