Little Known Way to Use Group Photos in Reunion 9

You’ve got some group photos of ancestors, right? Do you use Reunion 9 for Mac as your genealogy software? If so, I’ve got a tip you’ll love! You can quickly select a parts of a group photo to use as head shots for multiple ancestors without duplicating or changing the image file. Each person in the photo can appear to have their very own, individual photograph while the original file on your Macintosh remains unchanged.

This “magic” is possible thanks to two features in Reunion 9 for Mac. Firstly, Reunion doesn’t copy your image files into the family file when you add them to records; it leaves them alone, right where they were, creating a pointer (called a “link”) to that file. Secondly, it enables you to zoom in and out and or change what part of an image shows in the “picture window.” It saves this information along with the link to the file, so the image can appear different for any record you add it to.
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