Creating a Perspective Event Set for Reunion for Mac

Perspective events are a feature in genealogy software in Reunion for Mac. They can be used to give you and your family a historical context in timeline charts and the ages list. Best of all, you can easily create your own event sets!

If the event sets that are included with Reunion 9 for Mac and the extra sets Leister Productions makes available as a free download don’t provide the historical perspective you desire for your family history research, follow along with this video. In it I show you where perspective events can be used and how to create your own custom event sets.

Don’t like an entry in an event set? Is there an event missing? Want to bring a perspective event set up to date? After following along with this video you’ll be able to modify perspective event sets too!

Download a copy of the Michigan history event set I use in this video from the MacGenealogist Archives. It is part of the GenealogyTools Reunion for Mac Perspective Event Archive. Download the file, extract it, then copy the contents into the following folder:

 ~/Library/Application Support/Reunion/Perspective Events

What event set can you make and share?

How to Add Perspective Events to an Ages List in Reunion 9

Reunion for Mac perspective events can help you connect with your ancestors by better understanding their life experiences. They can be used in the timeline chart and the ages list.

The ages list gives you a different view of history than the timeline chart. It’s primary purpose is to convey a person’s age at the time of each recorded event in his or her life. You can add other events individually or in sets. This video will take you step-by-step through adding perspective events to an ages list.

How to Add Perspective to Reunion for Mac Timelines

Reunion for Mac can generate timelines and enables you to easily add historical events to your charts. In Reunion for Mac, these are called perspective events.

Timeline charts are a great way to learn about your ancestors. They help you visualize people’s lives in the context of the other people whom you include. Choosing who to include in a timeline is easy. You can display a timeline for the couple displayed on a family card and their descendants, marked people, or your entire family file.

Including perspective events in your timelines enables you to see your ancestors set against a backdrop of historical events. This will help you connect with them and perhaps provide clues to their motivations and fate. For example, observing that a person died during the time of the 1918 flu pandemic could be a helpful clue if you haven’t determined their cause of death.

You can add individual events to your timelines or apply them in sets. You can download a set of perspective events from the Reunion website or create your own set of perspective events for reuse or sharing.1

In this video I’ll walk you through installing a free set of perspective events and applying one to a timeline chart.

Before starting the video please download the file,, from the Leister Pro website so you can follow along.

  1. Covered in the video, Creating a Perspective Event Set for Reunion for Mac