Family Tree Maker 2012 Overview Video

The accompanying video will show you the major elements of Family Tree Maker 2012. At its most basic, Family Tree Maker consists of the following workspaces.

  • Plan
  • People
  • Places
  • Media
  • Sources
  • Publish
  • Web Search

The workspaces group related features. They are made up of tabbed views and panels that you use to plan, research, analyze, preserve, and share your genealogy.

This video will give you a feel for how Family Tree Maker 2012 looks and operates. This is more helpful than for other genealogy software because there’s no trial version of FTM 2012.
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Brief Video Introduction to Reunion 9 for Macintosh

If you’re interested or curious about what it’s like to use the Macintosh genealogy software Reunion 9 for Mac, you’ll like this video: A Brief Video Introduction to the Genealogy Software Reunion 9 for Mac. In it I demonstrate the metaphor used for the interface, adding and editing some people, creating a family group sheet, and generating a pedigree chart.