Locate Missing Media in Family Tree Maker 2011

Image and other media files can go missing in Family Tree Maker 2011 when you move them around in Windows Explorer. The 2011 release of Family Tree Maker includes a new feature that locates the files for you. Learn how to use it in this video and get a sneak peak at the file system I use and recommend for storing genealogy files outside your genealogy database software; I’ll publish a series of videos on this soon.
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The Secret to Correcting and Preventing Broken Photo and Multimedia Links in Reunion 9

Moving genealogy photos and other multimedia files around can wreak havoc on Reunion 9. This is because Reunion stores links to the files in the family file rather than duplicating the files. This is a good thing because it preserves disk space on your Mac, but it can result in broken links if you move your files after adding them to Reunion.

You’re gonna love this! A simple preference setting can eliminate this problem for you. If you use the GenealogyTools recommended folder structure it can correct existing broken links and prevent them in the future. If you use a different folder structure this tip is still effective. It just means you’ve got to figure out for yourself what folders to configure in the preference setting. Let me show you how it’s done. Just watch this video from the MacGenealogist Archives:

In it I demonstrate the problem and how to make the preference change that will correct and prevent it in the future.