Resolving Errors when Importing a GEDCOM from Reunion for Mac

When copying or moving your genealogy data from Reunion for Mac to another genealogy software program you’ll want to be sure not to lose any precious information. It’s very likely that you’ll have errors when you import a GEDCOM file regardless of the source and destination software. It’s not always a reflection of the quality of the genealogy software; it’s often due to the limitations of the GEDCOM standard. Either way, I’ve got a technique for finding and correcting the problems you’ll encounter.
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Creating a Perspective Event Set for Reunion for Mac

Perspective events are a feature in genealogy software in Reunion for Mac. They can be used to give you and your family a historical context in timeline charts and the ages list. Best of all, you can easily create your own event sets!

If the event sets that are included with Reunion 9 for Mac and the extra sets Leister Productions makes available as a free download don’t provide the historical perspective you desire for your family history research, follow along with this video. In it I show you where perspective events can be used and how to create your own custom event sets.

Don’t like an entry in an event set? Is there an event missing? Want to bring a perspective event set up to date? After following along with this video you’ll be able to modify perspective event sets too!

Download a copy of the Michigan history event set I use in this video from the MacGenealogist Archives. It is part of the GenealogyTools Reunion for Mac Perspective Event Archive. Download the file, extract it, then copy the contents into the following folder:

 ~/Library/Application Support/Reunion/Perspective Events

What event set can you make and share?

Keeping Logs in Reunion for Mac

I touched on the practice of logging genealogical research efforts in my recent article, Documenting Unknown Dates. I kept that article mostly computer platform agnostic so it could be as universal as the topic is for genealogists. A side effect of that generality is that I got questions about how to keep a research log. I already had an article series planned, of which this is the first on the subject. I’ll be doing a series on keeping genealogy tasks lists as well, so look for that in the future.

I plan a series of articles because there are myriad ways of keeping research journals. In fact, if you have a favorite you’d like to share, leave a comment so others can benefit from your knowledge and experience. Since most of you are Reunion users, I’ll start there. I’ll cover the other genealogy software in future articles and videos as well as other Mac based software to get this important job done with a minimum amount of fuss.
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The Varied Ways to Add a Spouse in Reunion 9

Adding spouses is a common task undertaken with any genealogy software. It’s also one of the sources of dreaded duplicate records. Considering the frequency of use and the perils, it makes sense to take the time to understand the subtleties of how to add spouses in your genealogy program.

In the genealogy software, Reunion 9 for Mac, you can add new people as spouses (people for whom there is no record in the family file) or people for whom a record already exists in your family file. You can add a spouse to a family card where there is already a different spouse and to one where there is not. In combination there are four situations, all of which I cover in this video from the MacGenealogist Archives, Adding a Spouse in the Reunion for Macintosh Genealogy Software. I also show you how to add a same-gender partner.