Little Known Ways to Include Web Page Links in Reunion 9 Text and Note Fields

Mac loving genealogists can insert links in Reunion 9 text and notes fields and click on them to open web sites in a web browser. This means you can have URLs in text fields and notes as well as having arbitrary, hyper-linked text in note fields. If you too, would like to know how to create the links and or how to use them, open Reunion 9 and follow along with this video from the MacGenealogist Archives: Web Page Links in Macintosh Genealogy Software Reunion 9 for Mac Text and Note Fields.

Automatic Source

Do you use this time saving feature when entering multiple people from one source into your Reunion 9 family file? The automatic source feature enables you to enter a mode wherein all new people created are automatically cited with a general source. The source need be selected only once. When all the people have been created, the automatic source feature should be toggled off.

This video from the MacGenealogist Archives will take you step-by-step through the process.

General Source

A general source in Leister Production’s Reunion, is a source that applies to all information recorded about a person. General source citations do not apply to families or family events. It is ideally used when only one source of information about a person is available. They are visually distinguished from “normal sources” by color and sometimes location.

This video from the MacGenealogist Archives demonstrates creating a general source and points out the differences in appearance and locations.

How to Deal with Bachelors and Spinsters in Reunion 9

Bachelors and spinsters are trouble enough to family historians because they don’t add branches to the family tree. On second thought, maybe it’s better that some of them didn’t. In any case, they are also a burden due to the amount of research involved in proving that they never married. Once this is established it would be best to avoid spending more time researching this. Let me show you how.
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