Adding Names in Family Tree Maker

Name Editing Window in Family Tree Maker for Mac 2Storing names in genealogy software seems simple enough at first glance, right? While Family Tree Maker makes it comparatively simple, it’s still a bit tricky when adding name variations, AKAs, suffixes, titles, and multi-word surnames.

Learning how to enter names will speed your evidence capture so you can focus on the fun family history activities: research, analysis, and storytelling. Those fun bits will be easier too! All the information and evidence will be organized.

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Where are Notes About Facts in Family Tree Maker 2010?

Notes attached to characteristics and events (so called facts) are a good place to store proof statements and arguments. Strangely, these are not enabled by default in Family Tree Maker 2010. In this video I show you how to enable fact notes and provide some valuable tips about how these notes export in GEDCOM format. I also show you where the same type of notes can be found in other PC and Mac genealogy software. This may make it easier to figure out which notes go where when importing a GEDCOM in Family Tree Maker 2010.
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Adding a Spouse in Family Tree Maker 2009

Adding a spouse to a person’s record in your genealogy software is a very common task. In this video I show you click-by-click, how it’s done. This includes three ways to begin the process of adding a spouse, using the date calculator, and adding a source citation with an image of the record.

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Mailing Addresses in Reunion 9 for Mac

Reunion 9 for Mac can store contact information for people in your family files. Mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and web addresses can be stored for individuals and families. Contact lists can be generated and the information can be included in reports such as a family group sheet. You can even copy the information into and out of Reunion for use in other software.

I demonstrate all this and more in this video from the MacGenealogist Archives, Storing and Using Mailing Addresses in the Reunion for Macintosh Genealogy Software.