Finding the Relationship Between Two People with Reunion 10

Have you ever wanted to see just what the relationship is between two people in your Reunion family file? Better yet, how about seeing the connections in a chart?

Reunion 10 let’s you do both with people who are related by blood and those related by marriage. Here’s how to do it: [Read more…]

How to Chart a Direct Line of Descent in Family Tree Maker 2012

It’s sometimes helpful to have a chart showing an ancestor and only those descendants in a direct line of descent to another person. There is a descendant chart in genealogy software Family Tree Maker, but before FTM 2012 it included all of the descendants of the selected ancestor.

Family Tree Maker 2012 introduced an option on the descendant chart that enables you to focus the list of included descendants on just those in one line of descent.
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Creating a Filtered Pedigree Chart in Family Tree Maker 2011

Sometimes you want a chart or report that’s limited to a line of descent. For example, this is useful for submitting a pedigree chart to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) or their counterpart the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). Unfortunately, Family Tree Maker (FTM) 2011 doesn’t enable you to simply select people in a line of descent, but I have a technique I show you in the accompanying video.
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Charting Direct Descendants in Family Tree Maker 2011

I noticed a question about charting direct descent that went unanswered on the Family Tree Maker software forum (actually, there was one answer, but it said there was no feature to accomplish this). Here is the kernel of the question:

“Along these lines is there a way of naming two people and creating the chart showing how one is descended from the other?”

There is a way to do this. It’s called a relationship chart. In this video I show you how to create a relationship chart that shows direct line of descent.
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How to Add Perspective to Reunion for Mac Timelines

Reunion for Mac can generate timelines and enables you to easily add historical events to your charts. In Reunion for Mac, these are called perspective events.

Timeline charts are a great way to learn about your ancestors. They help you visualize people’s lives in the context of the other people whom you include. Choosing who to include in a timeline is easy. You can display a timeline for the couple displayed on a family card and their descendants, marked people, or your entire family file.

Including perspective events in your timelines enables you to see your ancestors set against a backdrop of historical events. This will help you connect with them and perhaps provide clues to their motivations and fate. For example, observing that a person died during the time of the 1918 flu pandemic could be a helpful clue if you haven’t determined their cause of death.

You can add individual events to your timelines or apply them in sets. You can download a set of perspective events from the Reunion website or create your own set of perspective events for reuse or sharing.1

In this video I’ll walk you through installing a free set of perspective events and applying one to a timeline chart.

Before starting the video please download the file,, from the Leister Pro website so you can follow along.

GenealogyTools Members, download this video to your computer for your private use.

  1. Covered in the video, Creating a Perspective Event Set for Reunion for Mac