Routine Photo Management Tasks in MacFamilyTree

The gorgeous graphics in MacFamilyTree make great use of photos of your relatives. This screencast will help you bring your family history data to life whether you’ve already added some photos or not. In it, I cover editing photos and adding them to MacFamilyTree. Since MacFamilyTree is tightly integrated with iPhoto I show you how to use it to:

  • crop photos
  • correct fading
  • remove discoloration
  • sharpen images

Once edited, I walk you through adding the photos to MacFamilyTree and selecting the photo that will be used for a given person in the family assistant. Please open MacFamilyTree and the following video, “Routine Photo Management Tasks in MacFamilyTree”, and follow along. After doing so you will have the knowledge and experience to move beyond just having photos. You’ll be ready to improve the quality of your family photos.

Please note that in the video I recommend that you buy a current copy of iPhoto if you don’t already have it. I suggested looking for it in the recommended products list in the sidebar, but didn’t mention that it is part of Apple’s iLife ’11,
suite of applications. iLife ’11 is the package to look for, not iPhoto.


  1. Dell Egilson says

    I really appreciate your video helps. Just watched the one about handling photos in MacFamilyTree. Although I have had many PC's since 1982, I am relatively new to Mac and thus gained information from you, not only re the Tree program but also learned more about my iPhoto.
    Thanks again,

    Dell Egilson

  2. Jonathan Edwards says

    Since photo management has been covered in Reunion and MacFamilyTree, I can only assume that iFamily is next. I cannot wait!

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