Resolving Errors when Importing a GEDCOM from Reunion for Mac

When copying or moving your genealogy data from Reunion for Mac to another genealogy software program you’ll want to be sure not to lose any precious information. It’s very likely that you’ll have errors when you import a GEDCOM file regardless of the source and destination software. It’s not always a reflection of the quality of the genealogy software; it’s often due to the limitations of the GEDCOM standard. Either way, I’ve got a technique for finding and correcting the problems you’ll encounter.

Basically, you review each error reported in the import log (be sure to save it for future reference) in turn, taking the following steps for each:

  1. Identify the line number (in the GEDCOM file) of the offending entry
  2. Locate the line in the GEDCOM file (I recommend the fabulous, free editor TextWrangler for this)
  3. Determine the subject attribute
  4. Determine the subject individual
  5. Look up the attribute and individual in Reunion for Mac
  6. Update or add the attribute for the subject in the target genealogy software

This GenealogyTools Member exclusive video will take you click-by-click through the process.

There are, of course, many errors you will encounter so I cannot tell you how to solve all of them. If you encounter an error you cannot resolve, leave a comment and the GenealogyTools community and I will try to help. Be sure to copy and paste the error line from the import log and the relevant section of the GEDCOM file into the comment.


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    I just became a Donor Member. How do I download the videos for Donor Members? Don’t see a link for downloading and clicking on the box saying “download this video to your computer” didn’t do anything. Thanks for your help.

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