New Index Page

I changed the family tree maker tutorial index page. Will you look at it for me and give me your feedback? Even if you’re not using that software, I want to know what you think so that I know whether to invest the time it will take to change the index pages for Reunion, RootsMagic, and Family Tree Maker for Mac.

I modeled the index pages after the index in a book. Does this make it easier to find what you’re looking for? Can you think of anything I could do to make it even easier? What else might you want to know on that page?

Please leave me your feedback in a comment on this post or in a quick email.


  1. Warren White says

    Ben, I think this is a great help in being able to navigate to just the right question/answer. I really appreciate the time and effort you go to in our behalf.

  2. Judy says

    I definitely like the new format, Ben. Very clean looking and easy to navigate. Would love to see one like this for Reunion. Thanks from me, too — you’re always my first resource for Mac genealogy!!

  3. says

    Yes! This is really wonderful, Ben! Everything’s right there at our fingertips for finding, adding, preserving more information. Your organization of the information is exactly what we all need to be more productive.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Bill Wilson says

    Ben, this should be very helpful for anyone looking for help with FTM. I think the format would be equally helpful for users of other programs. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Sheila Mahler says

    Hello Ben:
    This new index will be wonderful for Reunion. I help others learn to use Reunion and this format is just what is needed. I’m looking forward to seeing the change.
    Thanks for you great work!

  6. Bert Rixner says

    I don’t use FTM, but look forward to this type of index for Reunion. This is very User Friendly. Thank you.

  7. Rich Peterson says

    I like the new indexing page and am looking forward to a version for Reunion tutorials & articles. Reunion is my primary genealogy database but I am trying to learn FTM for Mac 2 to have a better handle on my Ancestry tree. I really appreciate your clear tutorials addressing both programs. Keep up the great work

  8. Karen says

    Ben, I think you are headed in the right direction and the format is clean and useable. The only thing I would suggest is not to have the headings so huge. Since they are already set off by being in black, you could bring them down a little. I also didn’t like having to scroll down as much as I had to. Tightening the leading would be of advantage to users. I’m a Reunion user and this would work good for it also. Thanks for your hard work in keeping us informed.

  9. Linda K. McNeil Wilky says

    I think this is beautiful, Ben. I love how the black of the headings makes the topics register immediately. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing it for Reunion one day.

  10. Patricia Shannon says

    I think this is a very interesting approach, Ben. The bold titles of each subject are very intuitive. I am still riding the fence between FTM for Mac 2 and Reunion, using both programs. I might note too, that Reunion’s manual is more on the line of what you are doing for to FTM. It is much simpler to navigate in spite of only being available electronically. Love so many comments on Reunion – it’s helping me to decide which to favor!!

  11. Maureen says

    I think the approach is a good one. Look forward to the one for Reunion. I think it will help me finding the articles and videos I need to see or review as well as help in searching the Reunion tutorial.

  12. Carolyn says

    Nice format and I think very good for FTM users. Please do one for FTM for Mac (that’s what I use). Thank you for you hard work.

  13. Micki says

    The new format is a good idea – very easy to find what you’re looking for.
    Thanks for all the work!

  14. Ben says

    Thank you all very much for your feedback. I read and considered every word before creating the index page for Reunion.

  15. Bernie says

    I like the index content and organization. I agree with Karen about reducin the size of the heads and tighten up the line spacing to make better use of the page real estate and decrease scrolling.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

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