New in Family Tree Maker 2012

There’s a post on the FTM Beta Sync board by the FTM 2012 development lead. He lists the following as the new features in the upcoming Family Tree Maker 2012 release:

1. TreeSync - Ability to synchronize your tree between FTM and Ancestry.
2. Blended family view - Easily show all of the children for two spouses whether they
   are children of one or both of them.
3. Index of Individuals Report
4. Chart improvements
 - Show generation labels
 - Add text anywhere on a chart
 - Option to limit descendant chart to the direct line between two people
5. Report improvements
 - Custom fact sentences (used in genealogy reports & Smart Stories
 - Automatic Smart Story generation includes primary individual, spouse, and children
 - Research notes report changed to "Notes Report" with options to include
   other types of notes

With the exception of TreeSync, there’s nothing much there; that puts a lot of pressure on the synchronization feature!

Now that the pre-sale has started, you can click here to learn more and buy Family Tree Maker 2012.


  1. Philip Hayes says

    Any talk of a Family Tree Maker 2012 for the Mac? I hope the Mac and PC version can get into feature sync soon.

  2. Judy says

    So the sync feature is to be included in both FTM and FTMM? Do you know if FTMM will still be a version behind the PC version?

  3. Vicki Beaufort says

    Is there a user manual available for the 2012 version on sale? If so, where can I buy it?

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