New Event Date Range Feature in MacFamilyTree’s Virtual Globe View

MacFamilyTree 5.3.6 release contained a new feature in the virtual globe view. The release notes described it as “Virtual Globe marks events out of date range.” I found that it excludes events outside a date range. So it actually marks events within a date range. I also found an anomaly in it’s behavior, which I cover in the screencast. Those two issues aside, the new feature is a nice addition to the software.

In this video, Event Date Range in Mac Genealogy Software MacFamilyTree, I show you where the new setting can be found and how to use it.


  1. doug says

    Thanks. Wish there was an easy way to output the globe so the travels of our ancestors could be included in reports.


  2. jim stein says

    Can someone tell me how you go about inputting data in order to create a virtual globe on MAC family tree.

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