Memberships No Longer Expire

I’ve changed GenealogyTools memberships from expiring annually to non-expiring. All current memberships have been changed to non-expiring. Now GenealogyTools membership helps you accomplish more family history research and be confident in your tools regardless of when you join.

The membership price has been chosen by members long enough for me to determine the price most people consider fair: $25.00. With the extra value of non-expiring membership this might be too low–let me know if it is ;). For now, I’ve set the membership price at $24.97.


  1. Kaye says

    Thanks, Ben! How wonderful of you. I do so appreciate all your wonderful videos. I am a very visual person and the videos really help!
    Regards, Kaye

  2. Arandun says

    Wow, Ben, this is extremely cool! I love being a member and eagerly look forward to each new post/tutorial, so this is super cool news :) Thank you very much!!

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