May I Ask You a Question?

I’ve spent a year on, creating over eighty free how-to videos for you. I’ve learned a bunch in the process and I know you have too, but there’s a question that’s been on my mind a lot lately. Knowing your answer will help me help you by setting my course for the next year. Would you please answer it for me?


  1. Jo Lindell says

    Hi Ben,
    Apologies for not being much of a participant. My sis is the real computer person in our genealogy team. She has just bought a Mac and is working with a copy of Reunion 8. I haven’t known whether to get Reunion or Mac Family Tree, and am leaving the decision to her as she is a better user.

    I forward your newsletter to her from time to time.


  2. Joan M. Bell says

    I haven’t been watching the video’s that don’t say Reunion 9.
    Would I learn things by watching the other video’s that would help me in Reunion??


    • says

      Hi, Joan.

      It’s very unlikely that you would learn anything applicable to Reunion by watching screencasts about iFamily for Leopard or MacFamilyTree. I have released some videos that are not related to any specific genealogy application; those may be helpful to you.


  3. Elaine Socol says

    Hi Ben. I’m using an iMac. Although I have Reunion 8, I have not added it to my programs yet. I have been logging my family data with and have two questions. When I’m ready to use a genealogy program (would you believe I’ve been into genealogy for at least seven years without using a program?), should I launch Reunion 8 (maybe use it for awhile?) before upgrading to Reunion 9 or do you suggest that I upgrade/buy Reunion 9 now? The other question – Since I’ve stored a lot of info on (I have the worldwide membership), will the Gedcom in Reunion help me to bring all of that info into my Reunion program. Thank you. By the way, I enjoy your videos and I know they’ll be very helpful to me once I start using the program.

  4. says

    Hi, Elaine.

    If you decide to move your data to Reunion, I recommend going to directly to version 9.

    The GEDCOM export from would help you move most of what you have there into Reunion 9, but not all. For instance, images won’t move with the data. The GEDCOM standard, while the best we have and helpful in many ways, does not entirely meet the needs of modern genealogists.


  5. Wilford Poe says

    I’m relatively new at this so am having trouble with using both Reunion and Ancestry. It seems that you do research with Ancestry and record results with Reunion. How do you/What is the best way to accomplish this?

    • says

      Hi, Wilford.

      You’re not alone in wondering how best to integrate research with preservation in Reunion. It’s an topic I plan to tackle as a result of this survey. Stay tuned.

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