Macintosh Genealogy Software Comparison

The first release of the Macintosh Genealogy Software Comparison table is available. It contains information on iFamily for Leopard, Heredis Mac X.2, MacFamilyTree, ohmiGene, PAW2X, and Reunion 9.

The people behind Heredis Mac X.2, ohmiGene, and PAW2X completed the survey, saving me hours of time so that I could more quickly complete the first of the reviews to accompany this comparison table; Thank you Sylvette, Theirry, and Gus!

Speaking of the review series. I have included the rating of Reunion 9 in the comparison table. The ratings of the other applications will be determined and added as I complete each of the reviews. My plans are to complete the remaining reviews in the following order:

  1. iFamily for Leopard
  2. MacFamilyTree
  3. Heredis Mac X.2
  4. ohmiGene
  5. PAW2X

Please download the portable document format (PDF) of the comparison table by clicking here. You may need to control-click the link to get an option to save the file depending on which browser you use.


  1. Carl says

    Suggest you add the version numbers for “iFamily for Leopard”, and “MacFamily Tree”. I wish someone would do one of these for Windows. Very comprehensive comparison!

  2. says

    Carl, thanks for the suggestion. Those versions are a bit of a moving target. I’ll update the version numbers as I review each application.


  3. Bill Williams says

    I have genealogy records on Personal Ancestry File for Macintosh, version 2.3.1, which will not run on Mac system 10. Do you know if the data can be transferred to PAW2X, or to any other software for Max X, and how the transfer is accomplished?

  4. says

    Bill, moving your data is a matter of exporting using the GEDCOM format, saving the resulting file to a place you will be able to access from your Mac OS X system, then importing it into your new genealogy database software. They all support GEDCOM import, although some are better than others.

    Do you have a separate computer running OS X or are you planning to buy one?


  5. Bill Williams says

    Thanks, Ben. Yes, I have a new computer. My old one died. How do I export data when I can't open the file? The old PAF software couldn't be saved from the crashed hard drive. I could download 2.3.1 for Mac, I assume, but my new computer won't accept a Mac system 9 program. I could seek an older Mac, possibly, load the PAF software on it and transfer my data file to the old computer, then export it.

    Is there a simpler way?


  6. says

    Bill, that is one way. Another is to ask someone with PAF 2, 3, or 4 to convert the files for you. My understanding is that PAF 5 won't read PAF 2 files.

  7. milt says

    My old paf gedcom can not be opened. Now that I have 10.5.6 I need to open the gedcom only for the notes. Is there a freebie app that can open the gedcom so that I CAN SEE MY NOTES?

  8. Kenneth Oliver says

    I have PAF 5 with 3500 ancestors on my PC. I just purchased a Macintosh and find it isn’t compatible with this PAF.
    How can I export this as a GEDOC so I can download it onto the MACFAMILY software?
    I have tried and it wont export.

  9. says

    Hi, Ken.

    Try these instructions for exporting a GEDCOM file in PAF 5. Let me know if you can get the export working or not after that.

    There is no one, best genealogy application. It depends on your needs. I recommend having a look at the reviews (linked on the Articles page), look over the comparison table in this post to check if all the features you need and want are present, and watch the demo video on the Resources for Groups page. You could also get the trial version of each and play with them to get a feel.


  10. Kenneth Oliver says

    Many Thanks, It worked….now I have to find a compatible genealogy program that will incorporate this GEDCOM file into it !

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