MacFamilyTree Updated to 5.3.3

Synium recently released an update to their Mac genealogy database software, MacFamilyTree. The 5.3.3 update will be offered when you next start the software if you are connected to the Internet. According to their website and my exploration, the update includes:

  • Improved timeline chart including a new timebar
  • The number of generations supported in the ancestor chart was increased from 20 to 30
  • Improved GEDCOM importer
  • Bug fixes in date parser
  • Search function improved
  • Localization fixes
  • Many smaller improvements

I re-checked all the problems I noted in my recent review of MacFamilyTree 5.3 Beta. None of them appear to have been fixed. I have since discovered the reason my dear, and still living, grandmother was reported as dead in the genogram was a loose nut behind the keyboard: me. In case you haven’t discovered it, there is a preference which will make MacFamilyTree assume a person is dead if a death event is not present and they would be over a certain age. It was set to 90. My grandmother, bless her heart, turned 92 in August.

In this video, Walkthrough of Mac Genealogy Software MacFamilyTree Version 5.3.3 Update, I show you the visible changes to the timeline and ancestor charts.

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