Mac Version of Family Tree Maker by End of October

I just saw on the blog, the news that Family Tree Maker will be “released for the Mac within the next two months.” The comment was posted on August 31st. So, that puts the release to be by October 31st the way I reckon.

Are you considering a switch to FTM for Mac? Leave a comment.


  1. John says

    I’ve used Reunion for Mac for a number of years and am pretty comfortable with it. If FTM 2011 is clearly superior to Reunion I would consider a switch. On the other hand, FTM abandoned the Mac community before and could well do so again. In any event, it’s been a long time since Leister upgraded Reunion– I would probably wait for a new version before comparing the two products to determine which suits me better.


  2. Marilyn Young says

    Would it be to my advantage?

    Years ago I wanted FTM and they quit producing it for Mac’s. Any good reason why I should change now?

    Marilyn Young

  3. James Owens says

    Probably not. When I changed from Personal Ancestral File because it was no longer Mac compatible to Reunion it was quite traumatic because of all the materials that were not in a GED file had to be entered individually. I now have five times as many people in the database. I may be mistaken, but I don’t think any genealogy program allows a simple way to transfer anything but names and vital dates.

  4. Wilma says

    Ben, I bought an earlier version of FTM for Mac in order to read Family Archive CDs but never used it for my genealogy information. I use TMG on an older PC but now have a new iMac and want to switch to a Mac genealogy program. I’m looking forward to seeing your review of the new FTM for Mac. :)


  5. Joan says

    Probably not as my primary database. I’ve tried a number and don’t like anything so much as Reunion, by far. Without some better method of transfer than GedCom, moving would be too traumatic. I may look at it as I’m a software junkie looking for ideas (it’s amazing how many things you can spot when you see your data in a different database, from typos to new ideas for research), but Reunion will probably remain my database of choice. I don’t think FTM will offer me enough reason to switch.

  6. says

    My one regret (and ONLY one regret) of switching from PC to Mac four years ago was losing FTM. I loved it’s integrated ability to find things information on the web and download it directly to my tree. Since switching I’ve come to love Reunion, but I’m oh so curious to see what FTM2011 has to offer.

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