January 2012 Update to Family Tree Maker for Mac 2

The Ancestry blog has news today of a set of fixes available now for Family Tree Maker for Mac 2. Here’s what the post says is fixed:

  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Improvements to resolve sync errors
  • Improvements for handling downloaded media in synced trees
  • Syncing of accepted and rejected hints
  • Option to include/exclude Ancestry media in synced trees

I haven’t received my copy yet, so I haven’t tried it out. Let me know in a comment if it fixes any problems you’ve experienced or not.


  1. John says

    Hi Ben,

    I’m wondering how the FTM for Mac compares to FTM for Windows. I’ve looked at your video of FTM for Windows and find that it has some interesting features. Does the FTM for Mac 2 have the same features? If not, will you have a video for it as well? Before the discount is discontinued? And, how about a table showing the differences between the Mac and Windows version?

    Thanks for your website and educational tools,

    • says

      Hi, John.

      Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 (FTMM2) does _not_ have the same feature set as Family Tree Maker 2012 (FTM2012).

      Now that I have my copy, I’ll get going on the table of differences [now published]. In the interest of getting it out there before the discount ends I can say that it won’t be perfect. I’ll be sure to invite corrections.

      —-Ben >@<

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