Is Family Tree Maker for Mac Too Expensive?

“Why is the Mac version of Family Tree more expensive than the Windows version?” I’ve read the question in the comments here and on Twitter. Here’s the scoop and thanks to GenealogyTools member Roger, the secret to a significant discount:

The Mac version price is higher because in bringing Family Tree Maker back to the Mac, Ancestry have had to pay to convert the program (a process called porting). They’ve got to pay for this expense and let’s face facts, Mac using genealogists are a tiny minority. That means the cost is spread across a much smaller group so the price will be higher.

We can complain, but it won’t do any good. We can refuse to buy it in protest, but that may simply lead to them leaving the market again. I think it’s better for us to have more competition. That’s why I welcome Family Tree Maker to the Mac.

On to the secret to a greater discount.

Using the ad I provided in the previous post will get you a 20% discount. Roger passed along a code in the comments on that post that will get you an additional 20% discount. To combine these discounts, click here, add Family Tree Maker to the shopping cart, click checkout, then enter the coupon code: G5JXTRY. I just tested this and it reduces the price to $44.77 USD.

In the interest of full disclosure and in case it isn’t apparent from the advertisements on this site, I use affiliate relationships to help defray the costs of providing the free services on (so far it merely scratches the surface if you’re interested). If you buy a copy of Family Tree Maker for Mac through the provided link, Ancestry pays a small referral fee. Rest assured, I don’t let this color my impressions nor influence my recommendations.

In fact, I’m not recommending Family Tree Maker for Mac nor am I steering anyone away from it. I’m legally limited in what I can share about it at this time. When it ships I’ll have lots to share, but by then the pre-order price will expire. The discounts are a great way to save if you’re planning to buy anyway. If not, stay tuned for information that will help you decide.

That said, please don’t ever feel pressured to buy any of the products I cover. It’s entirely up to you.


  1. says

    Interesting! – I wonder why this offer isn’t available on the website? Though of course it appears I can actually order it from the .com site for $6.50 shipping which seems fair.

    Just wondering if it is worth investigating – I am a Reunion user and hope they would have a new version soon.


  2. Jenn says

    I was going to buy it anyway because I think it will be the genealogy software for Mac that will be the most compatible with Ancestry. I appreciate the extra savings code. It’s ordered and I am waitng with great anticipation.

  3. says

    Hi, Jenn. I’m glad to help. Thanks for ordering it through my affiliate link. I greatly appreciate your support!

  4. Emily says

    Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this to be released, and was happy to have the discounts when I ordered. Didn’t know it was finally available for purchase until I read this.

  5. Hal Shapiro says

    I was thrilled to hear that you would be coming out with a version of
    Family Tree Maker for the Mac. Then I saw the price. I understand that
    the Mac market is smaller and you have to make up for development
    costs. As a long time Mac user, and someone who bought several
    versions when I had a PC, I am not inclined to buy the old (2010)
    version and pay almost twice as much as the new (2011) PC version. And
    if this means not having you develop for the Mac any longer so be it.
    I have had it with supporting companies giving us older versions and
    then charging us a premium to boot. I will stick with the two Mac only
    family tree programs. It is a shame you have decided to do this as
    many in the Mac community were excited about this, even though it was
    the older version. But $30 dollars more is unacceptable and I will not
    be buying it. And that seems to be the consensus among the other Mac
    users I talk with on forums. You could have had a lot of new customers
    and subscriptions to But instead what I think will
    happen is not many people will buy this for $30 extra. We are a loyal
    group and have wanted this program for a while. But we won’t be taken
    advantage of. I will stick with MacFamily Tree since they have stuck
    with us and are cheaper.

    • says

      Hi, Hal. It seems you’ve Thought this through and I respect your decision. I hope you know that Ancestry is the maker of FTM for Mac, not Perhaps you should post your comment there for maximum effect.


  6. genie says

    I would be very interested where you have learned such “facts” about Genealogists and their computer preferences? “They’ve got to pay for this expense and let’s face facts, Mac using genealogists are a tiny minority.”

    • says

      Hi, genie.

      Apple’s persistent single-digit share of the global personal computer market is well reported. Google “IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker”.

      I’ve observed that there are many more options for genealogy software for Windows than Mac. Supply levels indicate demand levels.

      It seems an obvious conclusion to draw. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your comment.

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