How To Save a RootsMagic 3 Wall Chart to a PDF File

The ability to print wall charts from genealogy software is a great feature. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to print on a sheet of paper bigger than 8.5″ by 14″. Having a relatively small printer at home needn’t limit our ability to share these beautiful wall charts with others. By capturing the printer output instead of sending it to an actual printer, we end up with a file that can be emailed or taken to a professional printer. We save to a standard format like PDF so that the print shop can read the file without having to own the same genealogy application we do.

In this video screencast I walk you through downloading a free PDF print driver called PrimoPDF, installing it, configuring the “printer” for a wall chart in RootsMagic 3, and viewing the resulting file. Please follow along and share the fruits of your research by printing big, beautiful, wall charts.


  1. Joan says

    This is such a great tip thank you. I can now get my chart printed on one sheet.

    I wanted to get it printed as a poster with Truprint or Kodak but for that it needs to be a .JPG. Luckily my Page Plus 9 software can convert the PDF to a JPG. Perhaps you could do a masterclass on something like that.

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