How to Install The Master Genealogist 7

The Master Genealogist is the PC genealogy database software from Wholly Genes. In this video I walk you, step-by-step, through downloading and installation. In future screencasts I’ll cover configuration and features.


  1. dennis says

    Looking forward to more on Master Genealogist. Roots Magic & Legacy Family Tree fall short of what I want on the ancestor book report. I would be interested if Master Genealogist include information on the sibling's spouses of my direct line in the report. Thanks!!!

  2. says

    Hi Dennis. I'm glad you're looking forward to more screencasts on The Master Genealogist. I've got a few topics planned for it. If you have anything in particular you'd line to suggest I'm open to it.

    As for including spousal siblings in ancestor reports, The Master Genealogist includes them in the kinship report. Is that the report you are referring to?

  3. John Wylie says

    I didn’t know that. Now that the box is configured the way I like it, that should save me time in the future.

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